3-Legged Dog Jewelry Design


Gems and minerals have always fascinated me, whether rare and valuable or common as “fool’s gold.” Stones and pearls used in my pieces range from dainty and delicate to rough and organic.  Metals used are primarily Sterling Silver, Fine (99.9% pure) Silver, and 14K Gold Filled and to a lesser extent antiqued copper and brass.


About the Materials:

About the Process:

Some jewelry designers sketch their designs before proceeding to make anything.  I select a stone, pearl or piece of metal and go from there - making the piece as I am designing it, playing with different combinations of texture and color.

About Me:

Retired from a corporate job in 2009, I am now actively working on developing the other side of my brain.  I take classes whenever I can from Pratt Fine Arts Center, Danaca Design, Fusion, and Beadworld Northwest.  (The latter two are bead shops but they also have great metalsmithing classes.)  All are highly recommended as wonderful places to learn.

About the Name:

The business is named after my two dogs, both missing their left hind legs.